PDF Diary: The paperless engine behind MYOB Accountants Resourcing. By Simon Hurst

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MYOB's Accountants Resourcing, launched on 1 October, is a business process outsourcing service aimed at MYOB's clients in professional practice. The service will be staffed by ACAs and ACCAs and will allow accountants to upload client files and scans of appropriate documentation to a secure server. The MYOB Accountants Resourcing team will then produce accounts, working papers and or tax returns as agreed and place them on the secure sever for the accountant to download, ready to review and present to the client.

The process starts with a checklist that the accountant completes with information about each client. These checklists help ensure that the accountant has provided all the information, data and background documentation required to complete the job. Originally designed in Word and...

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By Anonymous
19th Oct 2007 10:33

Cut out the middle man !! .......
Interesting approach ..

So the question has to be -

Why not do away with the middle man (Accountant) entirely and have clients submit directly to MYOB's Accountants Resourcing. After all they are staffed by '.. ACAs and ACCAs ..'

This may not be an immediate goal but surely it is a 'no brainer' in the longer term once the whole process has stabilised and become accepted.

Furthermore a direct approach should be cheaper for the client than using their own accountant

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25th Oct 2007 15:57

Upload Papers
After you have uploaded the papers to the server (I assume a web server?) what then happens to those papers?

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12th Nov 2007 15:11

Upload Papers

The papers are uploaded by our clients (accounting practices). What happens to the documents once uploaded will vary from practice to practice. They may return them to their client, they may store them on or off-site or they may destroy the orignals and reain the digital versions.

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13th Nov 2007 09:52


What I meant was, what happens to the images, etc on the server? are they downloaded by your outsource team in order to be worked on?

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13th Nov 2007 10:44

Yes - they are downloaded to our Citrix Farm and worked on by the Team

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