Review: ExactTrak Security Guardian

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As mobile technology makes business on the go easier than ever, protecting our data is now a paramount concern. News sites regularly lambast any careless and unlucky employees guilty of simply misplacing or forgetting their hardware, running the risk that it could fall into the wrong hands (or worse – those of their competitors).  Security-focused technology developer ExactTrak hope to provide some added control and safety when it comes to data in the form of their Security Guardian USB storage device.

When safe in your hands, the Security Guardian acts as a normal (albeit chunky) USB key. Storing up to 32GB of data, it’s a stable, reliable and convenient way to transport documents and other sensitive files with relative ease. As we had no trouble copying and accessing files on the device, that’s as far as we need to go when it comes to evaluating such a device.

What makes the Security Guardian unique are the added levels of protection should it ever find itself wedged between the cushions of the 17:00 service to Paddington. Each device contains a SIM card, allowing it to be accessed via mobile data network. By either using the online management console (accessible through a unique IP and login) or simply by sending a text message to the key’s number, you can disable its memory, making it impossible for any potential thieves to make off with your data.

Once any precious files are secure, you can even track the device down thanks to its inbuilt GPS receiver, capable of both pinpointing your device and showing you its journey since it left your possession. This can come in handy not only in the unfortunate event that it gets lost but also if you wish to physically send secure material around the world. Simply upload your file, ship the Security Guardian to your chosen destination, and unlock it when the management software shows that it has arrived. Bear in mind, however, that the 48 hour battery life (rechargeable via USB connection) means that any trip that takes longer than two days could result in losing touch until someone plugs the key in again.

For day-to-day applications, the Security Guardian’s size, expense and extra features may be somewhat excessive. However, if protecting your clients’ and customers’ information is vital, ExactTrak’s solution is both highly effective and easy to use.

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