Review: Sage Instant Accounts version 14

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Sage recently launched its improved Instant Accounts Software, which now comes with free health and safety advice for the first year. Other improvements include improved VAT management of e-payment and list submissions, and the facility to receive card payments from customers (subject to additional charges.

Another useful feature (though hardly unique) is a practice company which can be used to try out features and procedures before using them in your company accounts. This release has other features designed to make the software easier to use. A new welcome page provides a central resource base, linking to software simulations, help files and documents. Judy Pepper considers whether these additions would convince her to adopt the program

Sage Instant Accounts: Ke...

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16th Apr 2008 17:28

Sage v 14
Coming from a non-Sage environment - Pastel, Evolution, Quickbooks, Accpac, MYOB etc. I got a culture shock.

Sage COA is horrible to work with and time consuming. For the rest there seem to have been an absence of logic in the program design with items all over the place and having to jump between modules for many transactions.

I am surprised competitors have not managed to topple Sage from being the leading UK accounting software and can only put it to conservatism as many SME accounting products readily available in the market place are far superior.

Personally I would recommend Pastel with Evolution for the SME needing more sophistication or ME.

Incidently its ironic that Pastel is now owned by Sage or the other way around. It depends who you ask.

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10th Apr 2008 18:16

couldn’t enter quantities on the sales invoices?
I'm not using v14, but unless there's a bug in that version or there has been a serious deprecation in functionality, entering quantities on the sales invoice is a cinch.

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