Review: Vodafone's 7in Android Lenovo Smart Tab 2

Rachael Power
Community Correspondent
Sift Media
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Good news for cash-strapped gadget lovers - the beginning of the year need not be new gadget-free. 

Vodafone's 7in Lenovo Smart Tab 2 is possibly the UK's cheapest 3G tablet at £150, and it's not bad, either. 

Coming to this tablet as a self-confessed Apple-aholic, I do admit I was slightly apprehensive about remaining impartial when reviewing an Android device. 

However, it's really surprised me. 

Lenovo's Smart Tab 2 runs off Android 4.0 (aka "Ice Cream Sandwhich"), has a 7in, 1024x600 WSVGA touch screen, MediaTek 1GHz processor and 1GB RAM with 4GB internal storage. 

It can take a Vodafone SIM card, meaning you can use it anywhere and not just in Wi-Fi enabled areas. 

The tablet isn't the slimmest, but is quite sturdy with a plastic screen and back.

The touchscreen is responsive and navigation is simple, via two navigational menus. 

The main screen hosts four or five pages of pre-loaded apps, accessed by a swipe of the finger. However, click the logo in the top right hand corner and it'll bring you to a more organised menu of pre-loaded apps and widgets, including handies such as a Flash player (still not available on iOS devices), Amazon Kindle, IMDB, File Manager, TuneIn radio and the Android Play store. 

You'll need a gmail or Google account to access the store and many of the functions on the tablet, if you don't already have one. 

The 2.0 megapixel back and 0.3 megapixel front cameras aren't immediately accessible externally via a button on the device, but I found them after swiping through a few on-screen pages.

The camera has three functions. The normal camera mode is quite average, but the video is better. What I really liked about the otherwise dull camera was the panorama view that takes extended shots.

When surfing the web, Google Crome comes pre-loaded and there is another generic built-in browser.

The sound is good and the small size makes a good substitue for a e-reader.

Aside from its attractive £150 price, what made the Vodafone table stand out was the ability to add extra storage cheaply via an SD card.

But for someone used to Apple, the two separate navigation panels, including the one accessed by the top right hand corner icon are slightly confusing. 

The camera wasn't much to write home about, but if you are buying a tablet like this, it's more likely for its reader or net capabilities than anything. I would recommend it to people looking for a reader, gadget-lovers wanting to grab a cheap 3G tablet and those who want a fast, responsive device you can use anywhere, with easily adaptable storage.

Vodafone Smart Tab 2

● £150 price tag
● Powerful and fast
● Extendable memory using SD cards.

What we didn’t like

● Two-tier user interface takes some getting used to
● Average camera and sound - but at this price, who's complaining?

For more info, visit

Vodafone UK BusinessThis review was conducted using a trial Vodafone UK Business packageThe Vodafone Smart Tab 2 is available free with Vodafone plans starting from a one-off payment of £24.17, then £16.67 a month over 24 months on Vodafone Business.


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06th Feb 2013 17:03


Thanks Rachael. AW video reviews of IT devices would be so much better! We can see how the devise function as part of the review. 



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06th Feb 2013 17:20

FirstTab, you've unveiled one of our future secret plans! We hope to roll these out in the near future. 

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07th Feb 2013 06:16

Good deal
I have the new ipad. I am also thinking of buying the 7" tablet for £60 link below. Of course for that price it will not compare to the Ipad. For £60 it offers a lot. Any views on it?

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to dalecadet
07th Feb 2013 09:27

I wouldn't really advise buying the said tablet, i am surprised to see such a high ratings for this on amazon but in my personal experience, i have found the tablet frustrating, it crashes far too often and biggest problem is battery life, which drains super fast, 

i think it is worth getting a Kindle Fire instead, with a bit of extra investment.

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