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With the RTI deadline less than six months away, many businesses are on the lookout for new payroll programs.

To cope with the challenge posed by real time information (RTI) for PAYE, most businesses will rely on their existing software suppliers. But recent activity on AccountingWEB has brought to light the demise of PAYExcel, and Sage’s intention to retire TAS Payroll.

With the payroll market in flux, many businesses, accountants and payroll bureaux are considering their software options. In a recent Any Answers thread, one member asked about  free RTI payroll software options. The normal answer might be to question whether it’s realistic to entrust such a business-critical task to freebie software, but Accountin...

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22nd Oct 2012 15:22

if you pay for what you get

you get what you pay for , if its NIL dont expect a top of the range product , please support small software house by paying for their software.

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By aburt01
25th Oct 2012 11:45

adverts ...

...could more than make up for any payment I might make to a small software house.

HMRC system is great in my view because it's all clear, if basic. Simple payslips we already have to do and fortunately we don't often need to produce P45s

RTI, with it's "ON OR BEFORE payment" stipulation for the full payment statement, is not something to mess about at, esp once penalties begin. (2014?)

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25th Oct 2012 12:02

you pay for what you get - not always

Brightpay offer free payroll software for up to 3 employees. It is the full version of the product and the free helpline is included. An unlimited employees license is also available free to charities. So sometimes you can get something for nothing and in this case it is an excellent product from a company with a social conscience.

I have used this software house for many years now, about 10 I think, they are a delight to work with. 

I recommended Brightpay to a friend who has a medium sized practice and he has now moved all his clients over to them and operates the software in house as well.




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By john1
25th Oct 2012 12:18

HMRC Basic PAYE Tools

I have recently compiled a P45 on Basic PAYE Tools and submitted Page 1 online to HMRC as required. Then printed the further 3-pages required to give to the employee. It is a standard function of the program. No problem.

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25th Oct 2012 13:49

RTI software

I have been using 12 pay since i went solo in 2008

I think it's brilliant - very intuitive and built from the ground up in modern technology

You have to upgrade to get P35's but even then it's only £35 or so.

I'm sure they'll be ahead of the game for RTI - it's right up their street!

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25th Oct 2012 15:28

RTI on Clear Books

I work for Clear Books, a cloud based accountancy company. Our Open Payroll app will be RTI ready for £5 + VAT per month for up to 2 employees, then £2.50 + VAT for each extra employee thereafter. Check out http://www.clearbooks.co.uk/2012/10/24/real-time-information-rti-on-open-payroll/

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By lamidey
27th Oct 2012 10:19

Very helpful information

I've in the past pointed people to reasonably priced software since the HMRC tools don't do payslips and so on. Knowing there are some free products for micro businesses is very helpful.

Thanks for the article

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02nd Jan 2013 15:53

RTI for free? Try rhis.....

I work for Adminsoft which develops the free accounts package Adminsoft Accounts.

This contains a payroll, which will be RTI compliant by February.  It's totally free, and has NO restriction on the number of employees!

Check out http://www.adminsoftware.biz

Hopefully it'll be listed on HMRC's web site shortly.


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18th Jan 2013 19:55

Suitable for a football club?

I'm the Finance Director for a non-league football club.  We have one full-time employee, but if you add all the players we might pay over the year plus the part-time bar staff, that number rises to anything between 30 & 45 employees.

Can anyone suggest the most appropriate (balancing functionality, usability & cost) RTI software for us?


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By GordonG
to Paul Scholes
12th Feb 2013 09:21


Why not outsource your payroll services rather than worry about software and compliance.

We offer payroll services starting from 49p per payslip and cater for any type of industry and any pay periods.

Have a look at our website at www.stemoutsource.co.uk and try our instant payroll quote or call me on 08454590270 for a free assessment and no obligation quote.



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By jobeyu
10th Sep 2013 09:35


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By e07mary
15th Nov 2013 20:47

Payroll Software Reviews

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17th Dec 2013 15:19

Cloud Payroll


GTax Payroll offers a free full version for a single-employee's company


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By Krisa
06th Jan 2014 20:13

Anthony Murray, did somebody

Rachael, did somebody ever tell you that you are a great writer? If not then this is the time to let you know that. Your posts are very inspiring and educational at the same time which is very rare. I appreciate it!

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By sam63
11th Feb 2014 17:11

Payroll software

Well, you can read reviews here http://usemyreviews.com/payroll-software-reviews/

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06th Mar 2014 14:47


I have been using PAYROO for a couple of years now. Because i thought it were free, but mind you IT'S NOT FREE.

The worst bit is that they don't have any support for their users at all. No email, no telephone , nothing at all. 

I have been waiting for a response for over 2 months and there are a couple of glitches to their system that i have identified to date. 

The system is also not error free. In two occasions the wrong payslip was generated and correcting it was not possible , which also resulted in a tremendous backlog with HMRC in order to report the issue and rectify it.

But that wouldn't be such a huge issue should they have a basic customer service, but they don't!

They are not responsive and should you want to use it professionally this can cause many problems/issues with your employees and HMRC alike.


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