Sage RTI Surgery with Helen Hargreaves
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Sage RTI Surgery
29 April to 03 May 2013

Throughout this week Sage are working with AccountingWEB and Helen Hargreaves, Senior Policy & Research Officer at the CIPP to answer Sage customer’s questions on the tricky details of RTI. Below is a live transcript of the questions and answers as they happen.

If you are a Sage customer and would like to ask a question to Helen please click here to register for the surgery , get in touch with your Sage account manager on 0845 111 1111, or email [email protected] for access to the live session. 

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02nd May 2013 11:41

RTI payment dates


Sorry if you have covered this already, but quite a number of payrolls we run for clients which are weekly paid have employees who are paid by different methods - cash, cheque and bank transfer, within the same payroll. So whilst the payments may all be initiated on the same date, the date that the payments are available to the individual employees could be different. We use Sage payroll and as far as I am aware there is not the facility to show different payment dates within each weekly run, and we would not want to have to show three runs each week! How should we deal with this?



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By Kazmc
02nd May 2013 12:41

Hi Helen

We have had this morning the exact same question as Margaret re a company ceasing trading, however have received conflicting advise from both SAGE & HMRC.

SAGE advised they were unable to help with our query as they do not have a system that enables them to deal with it. We were told to call HMRC for advise.

HMRC said not to do anything at all and they will automatically close down the scheme after 3 month of inactivity.

Luckily we decided that both answers were incorrect and did in fact do what you said should be done, but it shouldn't be left to us to decide to override advise.

Why are we receiving such conflicting advice all the time?, it is making RTI unbearable.

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09th May 2013 14:28

Final employee leaving

Hi Helen,One of our client payrolls is a weekly paid scheme and we were notified that the remaining employee had left the company's employment but only received that advice after their final payday, by which time we had submitted the FPS without having prepared the P45.  As no more payments will be made I cannot submit another FPS which would tell HMRC that the employee has left.  How can I get around this or doesn't it matter?!!Thanks. John

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