Santander botches tax payments

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Up to 1,000 taxpayers were charged more than once during self assessment due to a technical glitch with Santander’s payment system.

On 31 January, some customers paying through Santander’s BillPay were mistakenly charged twice.

HMRC has confirmed all affected customers have been refunded.

AccountingWEB members highlighted the issue last week, but were troubled about the authenticity of a notification email sent by HMRC.

Old Greying Accountant and ACDWebb both posted in Any Answers after receiving the email, suspicious as it was unusual and linked to a different HMRC email address.

Phishing emails have been a problem for HMRC recently, with the Revenue advising people to keep a watchful eye.

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06th Feb 2013 17:02

why are we not surprised by this

the parent bank is not as strong as it likes to appear and is not transparent. the UK arm is much better but then it did pick up good assets for not very much but I do perceive the CEO ( mr owners daughter ) to be doing a reasonable job in the UK , it was one of the last banks to join FPI so i expect this bill payment fiasco is part of that wider problem possibly caused by trying to amlagamate various institutions differing computer systems. its an outward looking bank , see its expensive and comprehensive marketing ( how are you Lewis?_) . Interestingly the UK banking authorities will not allow the repatriation of the £4.5 billion sent to SUK by SESP for the aborted LLoyds branch purchase so there are obviously concerns high up, better safe than sorry one assumes.

its good to know that spanish practices are still alive and kicking in the banking world, what is spanish for extend and pretend anyway?

why are HMRC using SUK anyway for its bill payment service anyway and another thing they are using Citibank generally for tax collection ,they should be using a UK bank , are Citibank paying UK CT?

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06th Feb 2013 19:08

and one other thing

you can bet your life that the CIA are using the details obtained by Citibank for 'homeland security'

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06th Feb 2013 21:03

affected but should have known better

I was affected as my corporation tax payment date is 31 Jan, note to self pay it a week early next year!

I don't blame HMRC here, the UK banking payments system uses out of date software but nobody wants to bite the bullet on the cost of an upgrade.  Hence every major bank has seen downtime issues in the past 12 months or so.

Agree earlier posts I steer my clients away from Santander, and they were utterly useless on a commercial loan for a creditworthy client who signed with Santander before she signed with me.  I don't mind a no - what is worse is to indicate the no might be a yes then take another 4 months to finally say no.

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07th Feb 2013 08:49

paid twice

Santander took a payment twice from my account recently - not tax, but I don't trust this crowd as far as I could throw them.

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08th Feb 2013 11:05

Standing Order taken twice

Santander took a standing order twice on 31 December.

When I pointed the errot to them, they told me that it was my fault.  I stopped the standing order at end of October and started it again for end of December, according to Santander the "system" saw that I had not paid for November and therefore redressed the situation by sending two payments in December.

Obiviously Santander know more than me about my affairs....

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08th Feb 2013 12:06


Anyone who has banked with Santander will have horror stories to tell.

When I opened a business account with them I had failed to take with me my drivers licence.   They said to pop a photocopy through their letterbox and they would note on their file that they had seen the original.

And then they lost my money.

I'm sure you've got a better story.

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12th Feb 2013 09:09


I have banked with them now for over 15 years (well previously Abbey)

but I can honestly say I have never had a problem since Santander took over, and am amazed that they get such bad publicity over their customer service.

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By cfield
23rd Feb 2013 17:01

More Santander cock[***]-ups

This is a good one. I opened an account with them last year and made an on-line payment to an ISA out of it. The payment was rejected as it "looked suspicious" and they couldn't get in touch with me.

Turned out they'd been trying to contact me on a landline at an old address I left over 6 years ago. Apparently they'd used the contact details from an old Alliance & Leicester a/c I had, which I'd thought was closed but which still had 9p in it.

Luckily the landline was no longer in use, otherwise they could have ended up talking to a complete stranger about my financial affairs.

They blamed it on MLR regulations. They never did tell me why they used that old phone number (from a then unrelated bank) for my new account, rather than the one I gave them when I opened it

However, they did cough up £100 compensation after I rejected the paltry £20 they offered me to start with.

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