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'Single sign on' for HMRC online

13th Aug 2007
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HMRC have announced that customers will be able to access all their Online services as a ‘single sign on’ via the Online Services login page, providing all their services are in one online account. This will mean that one can move between services without having to log in again and only need to log out once to sign out of all services.

A number of customers have multiple online services for which they have registered and enrolled for at different times. As a consequence they may have more than one online account and a Government Gateway User ID for each one. Customer accounts will not be automatically amalgamated by HMRC, as it may be beneficial to maintain separate accounts, especially if the use of online services is spread across different work areas of "an organisation".

HMRC say that, “The look and feel of some of our online service pages will change. Navigation flows will be altered and some bookmarks may not work. Therefore some customers may think they have been the victim of a ‘phishing’ attack and additional information, including examples of recent phishing attempts posing as HMRC can be found on our website Fraud & scams page. (Phishing is when an internet user is taken to a fake web site and discloses personal or confidential information.)"

Not possible in all cases
Users are asked to check the possible combinations available for the type of user group following the instructions under the 'Can I amalgamate all my services into once account?' question before altering anything.

One may still need to have more than one account as per example below shows for sole traders:
A sole trader running a retail business, employing a small number of staff, uses Self Assessment (SA), PAYE for employers and VAT Online services. SA is only available for individuals, PAYE is only for organisations whilst VAT Online is available for both individuals and organisations. Therefore SA and PAYE cannot be amalgamated together in one account. However VAT could be added to either of the other two accounts.


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By Euan MacLennan
14th Aug 2007 14:05

Set up an agent
Agents can access SA, CT, PAYE, CIS and VAT (although VAT, which includes ECSL, requires a separate log in) through one account, so a "customer" could set himself up as his own agent and access all his online services through one account - except presumably for Intrastat.

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By mickeyparish
13th Aug 2007 17:34

Intrastat and ECSales List
As the person responsible for filling in both Intrastat declarations and ECSales List returns, it beats me why these 2 online services cannot be part of the same login !

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