Small firms win big at software awards. By Matt Henkes

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There were more sore heads than sore losers after Sift Medias Business Software Satisfaction Awards, held at The Brewery in London on October 9th.

Mirroring the current state of the industry, a series of categories pitted small, independent UK software houses against the multinational groups that now dominate the industry.

Comedy legend Barry Cryer began the evenings festivities with a specially written poem, Ode to the Awards. "Now I realise what Shakespeare meant when he wrote now is the printer of our disk content," he quipped. "I see before me chattering, nattering managers and also a smattering of accountants, and t'is a crying shame that 99% of them give the other 1% a bad name."

The event, over three times the size of last year's, warranted the use of one of London's p...

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By Anonymous
05th Nov 2008 14:30

Waste of time
I wonder why they aren't publicising the number of votes each piece of software got that won - would that be becuase only 6000 people in total voted across every single category. I have no allegience to a particular programme but to celebrate a small unknown piece of software just because it has a few dedicated users who like it is a waste of time for the rest of us.

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