Smartphones emerge as 2008's Gadgets of the Year

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Smartphones such as the Apple iPhone, Nokia N series, T-mobile G1 and BlackBerry Storm emerged as the most popular gadgets of 2008 in online votes across and its sister communities.

The annual Christmas Gadget Countdown compiled by executive peripherals editor Nigel Harris was accompanied in 2008 by an online vote. Members of, Finance Week, TrainingZONE, HR Zone, and BusinessZone all gave their highest votes to smartphones.

Recent developments suggest that smartphones will continue to dominate the technology landscape during 2009, but they were pushed into second place in Nigel's list by the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games. In defence o...

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15th Jan 2009 23:37

beware the I-phone
The latest generation I-phone arrives loaded with the Activesync software to synch with your Office Exchange email systems - Great news and a leap forward for Apple to finally convince professionals to switch over from the usual array of boring business hadnsets.

However, be aware you are limited to 200 emails and 1 month of backdating, which I have found to be annoying restriction to busy professionals who require their inbox, subfolders, sent items and a fair amount of deleted items stored on the phone.

Did you also know you cant send MMS picture texts from the I-phone..Not crucial I know, but surely this is ridiculous for a media device.

Other than those issues, the latest I-phone is a trend setter and functional business phone which synchs your all important mailbox.

Have a look at the HTC touch Diamond and latest Palm Treo pro devices too, which use Microsoft Mobile 6.1 and ActiveSync

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08th Jan 2009 13:18

Guitar Hero World Tour
It just has to be Guitar Hero World Tour. As a northern rock fan nothing else compares!

Tina Riches

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11th Dec 2008 13:09

Nokia N95
Those iPhone fans, beloved of the marketing trade, should take a look at the Nokia N95. It does far more than the iPhone unless you want childish games and videos, plus it can forward SMSs and copy and paste text. It also has a keyboard you can use without obscuring half the screen and a decent camera with flash.

I use mine as a modem for the laptop when I am out and about (that is after the sat nav has voice-guided me to my destination).

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By Anonymous
06th Dec 2008 18:38

Oh so simple Linux
Linux in itself isn't simple, it's a full blown operating system comparable (to some degree) with Windows. However what you see on netbooks preinstalled with Linux is a simple, clean and easy to use interface, which fits in well with the intended use of a netbook (a small portable device for browsing the internet, reading email and doing simple tasks with office software on the move). This customisation and end use experience is made possible by the licensing (GPL) associated with the Linux kernel and the GNU software that runs on top of it (I believe this was one of the USP's when Asus decided to primarily ship its netbooks with Linux preinstalled).

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05th Dec 2008 17:21

X-sail - has made my lunches adrenalin sandwiches
I've recently parted with my hard earned cash for an X-sail, which magically folds out of the bag it lives in, inside the boot of my car, into a go-kart with a sail! Honest.

It's transformed my lunchtimes - given a decent wind I'm out buzzing around the car-park just up the road and then back at my seat half an hour later. Talk about wind in your hair - I've been keeping it secret from my colleagues - not sure why, but I feel a bit guilty having all that fun when they're all snuggled up out of the rain and wind (and snow)

At the weekend we take it up to the beach and the kids have a rare old time, unless it's windy when I make them give it to their dad - for safety reasons of course.

Does this count as a gadget?

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04th Dec 2008 12:56

Still the iphone...
I just got the newest iphone and it really makes a difference when out visiting clients - I can check emails, use the map function to find my way around and even visit accountingweb! For me - even though it was 2nd last year in the poll - it's no 1.

Also there is some great software - not strictly a gadget - called which synchronises my desktop with my laptop - so when I am out and about I have access to all the files I have at the office. Simple but very useful.

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04th Dec 2008 12:16

How about an iPlate for your Gadget Countdown? Mine cost just £12.10 inclusive and doubled my broadband speed overnight!

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