<b>Software Review:</b> DRIVE Practice Management. By John Stokdyk

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Product: DRIVE practice management suite, incorporating modules for:

Contact management, Staff/job planning, Time and expenses, WIP ledger, Billing, Marketing and opportunity management, Document management, Financials

Supplier: Keytime Systems, Oldham. Tel 0845 456 3103

Price: Depends on number of users and modules used. A 10-user system with accounting ledgers, two document management licences and communications modules for all users might run to 7,000-8,000, with recurring annual fees of around 1,250 (initial training also recommended).

Keytime's DRIVE for Accountants set the benchmark for new entrants to the practice software market a year or so back, not just because it was built around Microsoft's gleaming new .NET architecture, but primarily because it offered an integrated clien...

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By Anonymous
08th Mar 2006 11:50

Drive Practice/Document Management System
As a large user of Drive (up to 50 users currently) I felt it necessary to add to your review and clarify a couple of points.

We implemented Drive in our practice some 18 months ago following a full assessment of the market place and the offerings available. Having looked at all of the major companies products in detail, we eventually decided on proceeding with Drive based on better functionality than our old system, the ability to cope with at least 50 users and the supplier’s commitment to working with us to achieve our requirements.

You have suggested that Drive may be more suited to firms who have no legacy system in place. Our experience is one of moving from a large and expensive legacy system, with many years’ data. Data was converted for use in Drive and the transfer from the old system, whilst not without challenges, went well.

In relation to where Drive sits in the marketplace, our review indicated it is on a par with, or superior to, any other system currently available.

The decision to take Drive was a big one. We did not take it lightly. We looked in detail at the other major suppliers. But you never know how good something is until you start using it. The continuing development and support of Drive has been essential for our development.

We feel that we made the right decision. The database and document management facilities are excellent and we believe essential for the efficient operation of the practice.

David Saunders
[email protected]

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02nd Mar 2006 14:14
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