Software review: MYOB Accounting Plus v16. By Nigel Harris

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Version 16 of MYOB Accounting Plus appears to be an incremental step on from version 15. There have been some useful improvements over the years, and users of earlier versions can check these out on MYOB's website. There have certainly been some advances since I reviewed version 13 in December 2005, although the look and feel is similar. And it still comes with a full printed manual.

Accounting Plus is the top of the MYOB range, and carries a modest price tag of 349 for such an impressive collection of features. Accounting Plus is aimed at the more demanding business user who requires professional time billing, a multi-user setup, multi-currency and/o...

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16th Aug 2007 16:52

VAT control in MYOB
Your're right of course Craig, this is how MYOB is designed to control the integrity of VAT data, and provided you follow this procedure you should be OK. The trouble is that most of my MYOB users don't do this!

Somehow the tick boxes in Sage to reconcile VAT transactions and either include or exclude reconciled and out-of-rage items is something that even the less disciplined Sage users seem to be able to manage.

Both MYOB and QuickBooks have effective period close down and locking routines to make sure VAT transactions can't be lost in prior periods, but my experience is that clients often ignore or bypass them. I seldom see the same problem with Sage users. This seems to be a consequence of moving from the old period-based accounting to the modern date-driven approach in these package, which may well be more user-friendly but has its own risks.

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18th Sep 2007 16:27

MYOB issues
I have just directed a client away from MYOB because it has failed to provide some of the basic funcionality that I would have expected in current software. In particular:

- There is no facility for BACS payments to suppliers and non expected by the support department
- The generation of remittance advice notes is very cumbersome
but the biggest problem is:
- You cannot post a payment to a suppliers account before the invoice is issued and the cannot post a receipt until the sales invoice is posted. MYOB's only solution is to use a payments in advance account and hold the payment / receipt in limbo until the documentation is posted then you can release the payments in advance entry. You therefore need to keep reviewing the payments in advance account, reconcile the balance etc etc.

There are many other weaknesses that have becpome apparant over about eight years of use. It was originally purchased as the only small business system to be half reliable in a Mac environment. We have now moved to a PC platform and the competition just highlights the failings of MYOB - sorry.
Use TAS instead.

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20th Sep 2007 15:04

MYOB can do!
MYOB Accounting and MYOB Accounting Plus v16 has a dedicated option for
printing and emailing remittance advices which allows you to use the
default remittance form or a form of your own design.  From here you simply
select the required remittance(s) and print them off.

With regard to posting payments to suppliers before the invoice is
received, use the Pay Suppliers window in the normal way and
'over-allocate' the payment against a zero or previously fully paid
invoice. This will give you a payment from the bank account (which can be
reconciled in the normal manner) and puts a credit on the supplier which
can be used to settle the invoice once it's been received.

If you need more help or assistance phone Stuart Magnus or Craig Dunn on 01202-697611

We are MYOB Consultants

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