Software updates are for life, not just for Microsoft...

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Stewart Twynham of Bawden Quinn discuss some of the essential points of software updates, and how to go about them.

Every year, thousands of security holes are discovered in software applications, operating systems, and devices. In fact, patch management is one of the single largest concerns of IT managers and system maintainers today. While most small businesses begrudgingly accept the need to update their desktop PCs from time to time, systems audits suggest businesses fail to look beyond Microsofts desktop products, leaving their systems hopelessly exposed.

The Microsoft Effect

Microsoft has come under a great deal of fire recently. This October was particularly busy most IT departments and support companies as they struggled to cope with the volume of updates comin...

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About Stewart Twynham

About Stewart Twynham

Stewart Twynham is an experienced information security expert and AccountingWEB contributor. He recently founded the independent cyber-security consultancy Brandfire ( to help businesses in Scotland tackle these issues.


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