SSA13 analysis: Payroll software

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Robert Lovell
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The Software Satisfaction Awards 2013 confirmed that while cloud solutions in payroll failed to feature in most of the shortlist, the sole cloud-based winner in this category was far out ahead of the competition. Robert Lovell looks at the final results in the payroll category.

As is appropriate for the year following the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI), the payroll category was dominated by companies offering low cost solutions for very small businesses. Overall the RTI transition has been good for the payroll profession as it’s sold a lot of software and hopefully payroll professionals will reap the benefits at the end of this tax year.

This article will go into detail about...

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22nd Nov 2013 12:21

has to be moneysoft

I'll be honest and say that my experience with payroll software is limited to sage 50 and moneysoft. That's primarily because since using moneysoft I just can't see anything competing with it on ease of use and value for money.

I remember reading a load of posts on here about accountants getting stressed about RTI. Moneysoft made it effortless for me and its facility to do bulk returns for multiple clients looks great too.

And then, if like me, you have a lot of CIS contractor clients who pay a lot of subcontractors, the CIS facility, which is essentially an add on, c'est magnifique too! Does your returns, produces template contracts (I wouldn't them myself but it's still good), does a lot of analysis and produces monthly statements etc.

Sorry, I could just go on all night, I'm practically in love with it. And this is despite (or maybe because) its graphical interface looks like it's from 1995!

I used to be cool. Now I post about how great payroll software is on an accountancy forum......

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By tom123
24th Nov 2013 08:51

Having struggled with ADP in my previous job - I start a new job tomorrow. They use Sage at the moment - and I am planning to change to Moneysoft in April.

As I always say - we have to make our own fun around here.

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