Stewart Twynham's IT security diary: Another poor week for Microsoft; Mixed blessings for Apple

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AccountingWEB's IT security adviser Stewart Twnyham looks around at some of the stories that have been circulating over the past week.

It may be Microsofts most secure operating system yet, but this week saw two more security patches being released for Windows Vista.

I am sure that the folks at Microsoft are hoping that no-ones bothering to keep count, but my guess is were still only in single figures some six months after launch. Thats pretty good going, but its still early days. Vista is still not mainstream. And many of the people I know who are using Vista have been struggling to get it working to the point where viruses and other malware are the least of their worries.

* * *

Meanwhile at camp Apple, its been a week of victories plus the odd embarrassment. Apples...

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21st Jun 2007 13:45

virus creators cause more havoc stress and financial loss
they should all be locked away for 25 years hard labour of data entry

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