Sub-£1,000 version of Exchequer a serious alternative to Sage? By David Carter

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Theres a new competitor in the entry-level accounting software market which could give Sage a run for its money.

Exchequer Enterprise has long been a favourite accounts package in the mid-range SME market, regularly winning industry prizes. Weve reviewed Exchequer in detail in the AccountingWEB Software Lab Tests, where it scored high ratings for its "Vursprung durch Technik" engineering quality.

Exchequer is pleasantly easy to use, and many people me included have thought that there should be an entry-level version for small and startup businesses. If users are successful and outgrow the entry-level version, they can then smoothly move up to the bigger enterprise version with very little disruption. This would be a big advantage over Sage, where if you outgrow Line 50 yo...

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14th Sep 2007 10:00

different product, different offices
Just to clarify last year's Payroll cockup issue, I think that Iris payroll support comes from Datchet or somewhere. However, the support for this product comes from the Exchequer offices in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth's track record is pretty good, so I think it's unfair to tar Exchequer with the same brush.

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13th Sep 2007 14:30

After the PAYE debacle in 2006 I would not touch an IRIS product with a barge pole. At a time when accountants needed to file EOY papers on line IRIS's software went pear shaped, This company proved that it just could not care less and refused to take responsibility. Their service was appalling. There were many many wasted hours trying to telephone help lines, only to be cut off after 4 hours of waiting day after day. There had been many troubles with the package during 2005/06 and I had to make many calls. Finally I was told that there were so many problems with the year's package that they were not going to sort it out because they needed to work on the next year/EOY programme which they got completely wrong anyway. They lost me as a customer after 8 or so years of Payroll, plus a great many others I understand. I shall stick to Sage and Quickbooks.

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13th Sep 2007 16:15

A bit of balance WG
I swear I'll never talk to Barclays online help desk again, but I still use Barclays and, bless them the local manager has passed me 10 new clients in the past 2 years. Then there was that mess over my Virgin mobile top up, here I come BA.

Yes the Iris PAYE cockup last year was a shambles but they have apologised and put extra resources in and I, for one, had no problems this year. The stick with which a number of people still beat Iris over this surely must have snapped or rotted by now....or maybe WG keeps his waxed & polished ready for action?

I have used IRIS for practically everything "client" for 15 years and whilst not perfect they do take notice when things go wrong and have treated me very well.

The Exchequer suite is excellent and, even though I have yet to evaluate it, the new product discussed here leave me in no doubt that I will be moving clients to it.

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