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Founded in 1986, Digita is known as a software house with a strong relationship with Microsoft, having completed several projects for the US giant as a subcontractor.

Digita has been responsible for developing Microsoft Money, Microsoft Financial Suite and other Microsoft personal and business software, including the MSN Money finance portal in the UK.

The company's portfolio also includes:

  • Digita TaxSaver Deluxe, an end-user tax return preparation solution that was originally a Microsoft product

  • Online Tax Return, an online tax return preparation service, available via Freeserve, MSN, bCentral, NatWest, Tiscali, Yahoo and Digita TaxCentral; and

  • Digita TaxCentral, an online tax community created in association with the Inland Revenue and the online partners mentioned above.

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30th Apr 2004 17:31

Heartily recommend Accounts Pro
And Sheila, as a user of Digita's Accounts Pro since it first came on the market I can heartily recommend it. Accounts production now takes a fraction of the time it used to take me using my old software, and is so simple to use.

You should take a good look at it.

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30th Apr 2004 09:52

Sheila - Digita Accounts

"As soon as their own accounts software can read in from our existing accounts software, we shall be looking at a trial of it."

Sheila, I think you mentioned that you currently use Sage SAPA(formerly Hartley)? If this is the case, you might be pleased to know that there is now a FULL data conversion into Digita Accounts Pro from SAPA. It not only brings in up to 5 years of data but also all 'standing' information such as Company Names, Addresses, Directors details, shareholdings etc etc. It works really well !

We (APS Ltd) represent Digita in the North of England & Scotland, if you would like to see Accounts Pro in action and you are within our area, we would be happy to arrange it for you. Alternatively, I can arrange for your nearest contact (or Digita direct) to get in touch with you.

Email - [email protected]
Tel 01925 757727

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29th Apr 2004 16:14

As previously explained a colleague is already dealing with you directly in order to resolve these issues and I believe the situation is that many of the problems are not yet fixed.

It would seem pointless me repeating the same exercise with you wouldn't you agree?

As for my understanding of your software - I have prepared many thousands of tax returns over the years and at least 700 personal returns using your software not to mention the corporates. I feel my understanding of the software is very good and doubt you could send anyone to us who has as much experience.

However if you are offering free personal visits and assistance then this must be commended and I would certainly be interested.


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22nd Apr 2004 14:54


I believe somebody from my firm is already in correspondence with you regarding the problems I mentioned.

If we can take one point (from many) - the fact that co-tax no longer collates reports on printing for example - can you explain how this software has been sent out with this fault? It would seem to me that the only explanation is that it wasn't tested properly.

We have already found several errors with the recent Taxability pro update.

I don't care if the icons are a nice pastel colour now, what does matter to me is problem free operating - maybe you should concentrate on this in future.

Having said that I would agree that your software is the tax software i would choose, it does stand up well amongst its competitors.

But as i said the whole software industry seems to have been selling us incomplete products for years now and this is what begins to annoy!


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By ksalter
22nd Apr 2004 12:29

Excellent software!
As a long time user of Digita products (back to the DOS days) this speaks volumes in itself. Support has always been excellent on all products and they DO listen to suggestions. As mentioned in other postings, the programs are very stable and the relationship with Microsoft can only inspire confidence in the products and the company.

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By abrowne
21st Apr 2004 13:25

Great product
We have used Digita products for a number of years and find them an great company to work with. Their programs are one of the few we experience very few problems with and in particular when we moved our five sites to one server under citrix Digita were extreamly helpful ensuring their programs worked from day one on our new system.

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19th Apr 2004 22:33

i agree it is a fab product especially as i can now see the hudge benefits of the client review tool; i did have a dos version tho i am sure it was designed with windows in mind because even in 1992 it had a GUI

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20th Apr 2004 09:02

Great Product, Great Company
I currently use three of Digita's products and find all excellent. One of these products is Taxability Pro, which I have been using for something like eight years, without any problems.

For a small firm such as mine it is imperative that I can rely on the technology, not only from the point of view of its stability, but also the accuracy of such things as the tax computation and completion of the return. Indeed, December and January, which is already a nightmare for the accountancy profession, is helped enormously by the use of Taxability Pro, allowing me to output quickly very accurate tax returns with the very limited resources at my disposal.

A great product from a great company.

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20th Apr 2004 12:36

Sorry to disagree
I use taxability pro and co-tax and whilst the software is quite impressive on some fronts there are many aspects which leave me unhappy.

For example...

Co-tax has just been updated - whilst there have been a few improvements these are outweighed by the things that have got worse! The software no longer collates reports on printing, there is a collate option but it doesnt work anymore. Also the new layout makes it impossible to preview reports - only a small window is visable and you have to scroll left and right to see the whole page - very irritating.

What I dont understand is why they make some very good aspects much worse in a following update - it strikes me that this can only be due to disorganisation and a lack of testing.

I know the whole software market has these type of problems but what other industry could sell you something that doesnt work and then charge you for fixing it!!?

If you bought a car which didnt work and were then charged for repairs would you stand for it?

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By squay
22nd Apr 2004 01:12

Excellent Support
As a sole practitioner I have used Taxability Pro for nine years. The software is user friendly and accurate. The support guys are excellent (when they're all busy you're invited to leave an answerphone message and they ring YOU back - and they do it promptly! Keep up the good work.

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By JSJ54
20th Apr 2004 09:23

The best company we deal with
We currently use Taxability Pro, CoTax (corporation tax software), CoSec (Company secretarial),Digita's P11D software and AccountsPro (accounts software). All are excellent products, very stable and very easy to use.

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20th Apr 2004 18:06

well said Peter
I was waiting for one of you guys to reply, the scalability is an improvement we who have found and used it, really like!

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