Tech insights: Bills, proposals and R&D tax credits

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Welcome to our weekly round-up of the latest news and updates from the accounting tech world. 

This week, Tech Insights features a new Xero global release, a new way of uploading receipts directly into Pandle, an integration of SAP with Google Sheets, proposal reminders in Practice Ignition and a new R&D tax credit analyser tool.

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Xero global release update

Xero has released a number of new updates as part of its monthly global release update. Among the new features, the accounting software company has developed a new bill entry feature, which simplifies the process of creating bill entries in Xero.

Users can forward PDF bills to a Xero Bills email address specific to their organisation to automatically create a draft bill in Xero.

Among other releases, Xero has also announced a new help centre on their website, the possibility to copy a project on Xero Projects and a more flexible invoice reminder design.

Additionally, Xero’s mobile app has also been updated Xero with the option to convert a quote to an invoice, mark bills as paid as well as the possibility to attach files directly from a cloud file storage services in the iOS app.

* * *

Pandle receipt uploads

Pandle has announced the launch of a new feature that will enable Pandle Pro users to upload receipts directly into the software by taking a picture.

Users will be able to upload the pictures of the receipts against any type of transaction as well as to categorise the transactions at a later time.

The new featured is already available on Pandle’s web app and it will be added to Pandle Mobile in the near future, which will make it possible for users to upload and store receipts on the go.

The company has also announced it is exploring an integration with Receipt Bank for those users who require OCR capabilities.


* * *

Upcoming SAP integration with Google Sheets

In an upcoming SAP release, employees will be able to share business data directly into Google Sheets and analyze it with tools such as intelligent pivot tables.

The integration will eliminate the need for manually exporting data to CSVs as a preliminary step to upload it to Drive.

* * *

New Practice Ignition feature: Proposal reminders

Practice Ignition has announced the addition of a proposal reminders feature, which automates the process of tracking and resending proposals. The new feature provides the option to set a cadence for following up and re-sending proposals.

Users can choose not to resend a reminder to a proposal that is awaiting acceptance by marking it as lost. Lost proposals can be moved back to draft to send them again at a future date.

* * *

Ayming launches R&D tax credit analyser tool

Business performance consultancy Ayming has launched a free online R&D claim analyser tool for UK UK businesses. The tool will provide businesses with an insight into the extent to which their business activity is eligible for R&D tax credits.

The new tool aims to help businesses avoid having to wait for feedback from HMRC and reduce the risk of the claim being rejected.

Ayming UK's managing director Martin Hook said: “Both government and businesses alike are intent on increasing R&D expenditure, yet discovering if you have a claim can be an arduous task. Many businesses aren’t even aware they could be liable for a rebate at all, let alone how much it could be.

"The technicalities of an application can be unnerving so this tool can support and advise businesses within the space of a few minutes, sparing them a daunting, unfamiliar and confusing research task.” 

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