Tech insights: HMRC technical problems, Stripe and OneApp

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With the self assessment period in its final stretch, BTCSoftware has shared tips and useful information to deal with HMRC’s technical problems.

HMRC gateway exclusions and pre-population API issues

BTCSoftware has warned users about technical problems with HMRC’s gateway online exclusions that are preventing some individual returns being filed online, as well as issues with the new pre-population API. BTCSoftware has explained what the solutions are in both cases and has shared other resources that users might find useful for the last two weeks of self assessment season.

Until the end of the month, the BTCSoftware support team will be regularly monitoring queries sent to their support email outside the regular office hour to deal with any emergencies.

* * *

Pandle adds Stripe as a bank account feed

The payment processor Stripe has been integrated to Pandle as a bank account feed linked to multiple payment sources. The integration saves users from having to manually add transactions into Pandle, and can simply confirm the transactions that come through.

Pandle’s Stripe integration includes a payment processor that gives users the option to include a “Pay Now” button on invoices sent out. When an invoice is paid through this link, Pandle automatically marks the invoice as paid and sends a notification to the user.


* * *

MyFirmsApp releases new OneApp platform

MyFirmsApp has announced the introduction of the new OneApp platform with a new pricing structure. 

“During our first few years, MyFirmsApp offered firms three different tiers of bespoke app packages: silver, gold and platinum. But this created significant challenges for the top end of the market as they felt they couldn’t justify the cost for their large client bases. So, we have built the OneApp platform, which provides all the tools, features, benefits and content of a bespoke app, but at a price even the largest firms can afford,” said Joel Oliver, CEO at MyFirmsApp.

* * *

CaseWare's audit analytics software

CaseWare has announced the release of a Point and Click Analytics solution for audit support. The new solution helps businesses to verify transactions and identify transactional risk. The tool uses built-in validations and pre-defined tests that inform of all activities that fall outside of the set parameters, enabling the user to review the data and receive notifications about suspicious transactions.

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New Countingup app design

Last month, Countingup asked the AccountingWEB community for their opinion on which design should be chosen for the new bank feeds of Countingup’s app. This week, Countingup has announced the most voted design and has shared images of different views.


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Sage events in 2018

Sage has shared the list of their industry events in 2018. In the early months of the year, Sage Sessions will take place in Newcastle, London, Bristol and Manchester, with further events in Glasgow and Dublin in April.

Additionally, half-day Sage Roadshows will take place in 11 locations across the UK. The complete list of dates is available here.

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17th Jan 2018 13:33

Got to love the MyApp guys "but at a price even the largest firms can afford"!!!

If it looks like an oxymoron..........

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By chatman
to Neophyte
18th Jan 2018 12:12

That is one of the things that puts me off MyFirmsApp; there is obviously no proof-reading of anything they put out. It points to a general disregard for quality in the firm.

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18th Jan 2018 13:00

LOL and the small guys price > top

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