<b>Technology News:</b> Microsoft issues critical patches for Internet Explorer. By John Stokdyk

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Microsoft's monthly security update for April included five bulletins that detailed and patched 14 vulnerabilities within version 6 of its Internet Explorer browser.

In bulletin MS06-13, released on Tuesday 11 April, eight of the bugs were given the highest rating (depending, in some cases, on which version you use).

Where an affected user is logged on as the PC's Administrator, vulnerabilities such as the "Multiple Event Handler Memory Corruption Vulnerability" or "HTML Tag Memory Corruption Vulnerability" could allow attackers to take complete control of their system. Even if the user has limited system access rights, the various exploits have been used to install malware on PCs in recent weeks.

Microsoft recommended that users apply the update patches immediately. For more details of the v...

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By Anonymous
13th Apr 2006 08:05

Information overload ..
Appologies missed the relevant para. - information overload ('blogg blindness') has oviously set in

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12th Apr 2006 11:47

Thanks for reminding us, JC
We were aware of your posting - and included a link in the story above.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention - the more members keeping their eyes out for security issues, the better, as far as I am concerned.

Keep up the good work.

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

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By Anonymous
12th Apr 2006 11:09

See Previous Posting ...
Mircrosoft IE Security Threat, identifying that IE would not be fixed until 11 April

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