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The accountant’s Twitter list 2018

23rd Feb 2018
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To get ahead in the profession these days you need more than just tax clout; you need a generous sprinkle of hashtags.

Since arriving on the scene in 2006 Twitter has divided opinion in the accountancy as effectively as a newly sharpened samurai sword through freshly heated butter.

While some have proclaimed it as the saviour of the profession, or at the very least a useful spanner to have in an accountant’s marketing toolkit, others are less keen, deride it as an ineffective waste of time.

Here at AccountingWEB we like to keep an eye an all parts of the profession, so for accountants looking to start their Twitter journey (or just scouting for interesting people to follow) we’ve put together a list of accountants, finance professionals and other interested parties who generally send informative, entertaining and non-promotional tweets out into the accountancy Twittersphere.

It’s in no particular order, and if you come across anyone you think we should add let us know in the comments box below.

Practice pluggers

  • Chris Maslin (@Chris_Maslin) Chartered accountant and tax adviser. Typical tweet: “You can tell the staff that still live with their parents vs those that don't by how they react when the office runs out of milk. ‘There's no milk’ [confused face] vs ‘Shall I go get milk?’”
  • Della Hudson (@DellaHudsonFCA)  Triathlete, business consultant and former owner of Hudson Accountants.
  • Elaine Clark (@cheapaccounting) Strong views a-plenty from this practitioner, speaker and MD of Cheap Accounting.
  • Lucy Cohen (@LucyMazuma) Co-founder of Mazuma Accountants, powerlifter and author of ‘The Millennial Renaissance’.
  • Tony Margaritelli (@icpa_t) Practitioner and outspoken chairman and founder of the ICPA. Typical tweet: “Despite what HMRC say and put out, the January hiatus shows no signs of abating anytime soon so checkout the lights burning brightly into the night in your area most likely it’s an accountant”
  • Aynsley Damery (@aynsleydamery) Globetrotting CEO of multi-award-winning firm Tayabali Tomlin.
  • Claire Owen-Jones (@loudandclearac) Owner of Cardiff-based Loud and Clear Accounting and winner of new practice of the year at the ICB awards.
  • Matt Portt (@mportt) Owner of Somerset-based Portt & Co.
  • Charlie Carne (@charliecarne) Chartered Accountant, adviser to creatives and cloud advocate.
  • Alan Hemingway (@alanacct) Accountant from Beverley, apprentice ambassador and Hull City fan.
  • Alex Falcon (@alexmfalcon) App-mad CEO and founder of Soaring Falcon accountancy.

Tax titans

  • Rebecca Cave (@taxwriterLtd) AccountingWEB consulting tax editor and owner of Tax Writer Ltd. Just don’t mention tax devolution...
  • Donald Drysdale (@TaxingWordsLtd ) Freelance tax writer and editor specialising in Scottish tax.
  • Heather Self (@hselftax) Tax Partner at Blick Rothenberg. Typical tweet: “Did you know that the herd basis can apply to the valuation of pregnant horses? It’s a tax nightmare.”
  • Rebecca Benneyworth (@rbeccabeneworth) Practice owner, lecturer and writer on all tax issues, past Chair of ICAEW Tax Faculty, former tax editor of AccountingWEB.
  • Rita de la Feria (@delaFeriaR) Professor of tax law at Leeds University. Typical tweet: “Anti-avoidance rules are necessary, but I agree with sentiment: current multiplication of anti-avoidance rules is sign of poor #tax design.”
  • Anne Fairpo (@iptax) Tax barrister, lecturer and author. Typical tweet: “Also love this line [from the recent Nesquik VAT judgment] ‘In passing we would observe that sugar and Worcester sauce are plainly different’. No, really?”
  • Richard Asquith (@Richard_Asquith) Global VAT expert, VP of global tax compliance at Avalara and author of their daily news blog.
  • Judith Knott (@judithmknott) Tax expert, academic, writer, and former head of large business at HMRC.
  • Jason Piper (@JV8P) Senior manager - tax and business law at the ACCA. Expect tax and vehicles (in equal measure).
  • Steve Kesby (@SteveKesby) While this technical tax specialist only posts infrequently on AccountingWEB, he's far more prolific on Twitter.
  • Jo Maugham (@JolyonMaugham) Tax barrister, director of the Good Law Project and windmill enthusiast.
  • Judith Freedman (@JudithFreedman) Oxford professor of tax law, editor of British Tax Review.
  • Daniel Rice (@itsnotVATsimple) VAT specialist over at Grant Thornton.
  • Seamus Coffey (@smeauscoffey) Irish economist and corporate tax expert.
  • Wendy Bradley (@wendybradley) for tax, science fiction and random musings, @tiintax for tax policymaking wonkery.
  • Giles Mooney (@GilesMooney) One half of PTP, tax expert and Newcastle United fan.
  • Peter Miller (PeteTaxMiller) Business tax adviser: specialist in transaction tax, HMRC clearances, transactions in securities, intangible assets, Patent Box and disguised remuneration.

Technology trendsetters/terminators/tragics

  • Gary Turner (@garyturner) Glaswegian MD of Xero UK. Typical tweet: “I wore a suit and tie to an external meeting this morning meeting and have decided to keep it on all day because it’s completely freaking out my team.”
  • Kriti Sharma (@sharma_kriti) Vice president of bots and AI at Sage, big on FinTech, big data and product management.
  • Si Woodhams (@Si_Woodhams) Head of cloud and accounting software at Wilkins Kennedy.
  • Caroline Plumb (@cplumb) Founder of Fluidly, formerly prime minister David Cameron’s business ambassador.
  • Emily Coltman (@dialm4accounts) Chief accountant at FreeAgent, violinist and pun enthusiast.
  • Bobby Chadha (@bobbychadha0) Senior manager at Deloitte, chartered accountant and tech enthusiast.
  • Lee Hawksworth (@LeeJHawk) HMRC’s head of software developer collaboration.
  • Zandra Moore (@zandramoore) Tech leader and co-founder of Panintelligence analytics software.
  • Duane Jackson (@DuaneJackson) Founder of KashFlow, now running Supdate. Typical tweet: “Explained to my 2yr old: shouting "Stop!" at the bath plug won't stop water draining. Then realised that's how it'll work when she's older”.
  • Heather Burns (@WebDevLaw) Digital law, government policy and a sprinkling of GDPR.
  • Paul Bulpitt (@pbulpitt) Co-founder of The Wow company, UK Head of Accounting at Xero.
  • Ian Cooper (iandc6) Tech, cybersecurity and workflow for accountants from Thomson Reuters' product manager.

General finance and frivolity

  • Paul Lewis (@paullewismoney) Financial journalist, broadcaster and public speaker. Presenter of Radio 4’s Money Box.
  • Ken Frost (@ken_frost) Expect irreverence and expertise in equal measure from this FCA member of ICAEW, consultant, company director, banker and writer.
  • Richard Murphy (@RichardJMurphy) Founder of the Tax Justice Network and director of Tax Research LLP, Murphy is a prolific writer and blogger on taxation and accounting issues.
  • John Hempton (@John_Hempton) Australian investor and roguish contrarian.
  • Richard Wolff (@profwolff) American economist and firebrand leftie.

AccountingWEB editorial team

  • John Stokdyk (@johnstokdyk) The Anna Wintour of AccountingWEB. Follow the self-proclaimed cyberspace ranger on the accounting circuit and the occasional Hornblower brother jaunt.
  • Tom Herbert (@AWebTom)  Editor of AccountingWEB. Fond of Chinese food, not so fond of business jargon #acesintheirplaces.
  • Richard Hattersley (@awebrichard) AccountingWEB’s practice correspondent and resident grappling expert. Ask him about Monte Carlo simulations.
  • Francois Badenhorst (@FranBerBad) South Africa sleuth, raconteur extraordinaire and AccountingWEB’s business editor.
  • Valme Claro (@AWebValme) AccountingWEB's Spanish superstar, content assistant and sugar addict.

Replies (7)

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By FirstTab
23rd Feb 2018 11:27

How do you all find the time for another channel of communication?

Thanks (2)
By Wendy Bradley
23rd Feb 2018 12:41

*polite cough* @wendybradley for tax, science fiction and random musings, @tiintax for tax policymaking wonkery

Thanks (2)
Replying to wendybradley:
Tom Herbert
By Tom Herbert
23rd Feb 2018 14:11

Many apologies Wendy - a heinous omission that's now been put right.

All the best,


Thanks (1)
Daniel J Rice
By Daniel Rice
23rd Feb 2018 18:03

I'm honoured!

Thanks (0)
Kirsty image
By Kirsty McGregor
23rd Feb 2018 21:13

Great list! And for SME Corporate Finance...?

Thanks (0)
By aggy91
24th Feb 2018 13:46

Ok I promise no more anarchy and anti-establishment tweets from me this year...

Thanks (2)
Image of Donald Drysdale, Author
By Donald Drysdale
07th Mar 2018 21:30

An interesting list! I'm honoured to be described as a 'Tax Titan', but wouldn't normally describe myself as a Scottish tax specialist. Scottish taxes are among a wide range of UK and global tax issues and tax technology issues I cover on Twitter from time to time. I have the added fun of paying them too, in my capacity as a Scottish taxpayer.

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