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Five years ago, Nigel Harris looked at the options available for practitioners who were interested in providing bookkeeping services to clients via the web - known in the industry as Application Service Provision (ASP). Back then he concluded: "Security concerns and the absence of realistically-priced and completely reliable Internet connection in the UK make the ASP model unattractive for many businesses at the moment."

All that has changed and web-based applications have gone

through the hype cycle from apathy to general acceptance.

Broadband connections are now the norm among AccountingWEB

members and hosted software is flourishing - partly because of its ability to resolve security and maintenance issues for users. Where our previous IT Zone ASP guide focused primarily on accounting and pr...

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17th Oct 2005 13:15

Try Twinfield online accounting
The best ASP solutions for online accounting are properly designed for the web (Software as a Service or SaaS), rather than web enabled, traditional software. Try Twinfield. We've just launched their service in the UK. Twinfield are a Dutch company which was started back in 2000 by some guys who left CODA. They have built up their solution to be the number 1 online accounting solution in the Netherlands with around 10,000 users. It is already in use by 6 of the top 10 accounting practices and bookkeeping firms over there, including BDO, ABAB and LTB. The solution is properly web architected from the ground up (i.e. not Citrix), and provides real-time accounting, project, hours and expenses recording, reporting, budgeting, credit management, salary data and billing. It's designed to be easy to use for small businesses, but the service is particularly suitable for (international) organisations working in multiple languages and currencies. The per user price varies from £3 to £53 per month, depending on the capabilities you need. We are also working with a payroll company who are about to launch a service that will cost £1 per month per employee.
Go to our AccountingWEB page to request information or our white papers on the topic:

Or contact me for more details.
David Terrar
D Squared C Limited
Phone: 0870 458 9198
Mail: [email protected]
Web: or

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14th Oct 2005 18:21

SureBooks Financial Suite
Targeted at the small SME. Developed with Visual Studio NET with SQL Server back end database
See demonstration at:

Login to Accounts or HR

Login: demo
Password: demo

Accounts & HR module due to be released shortly

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21st Oct 2005 15:49

ASP or SaaS
IS this meant to ber ASP or Saas - bit of a difference...

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