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The ghost of accounting Christmas yet to come

19th Dec 2018
Director Principle Point
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The Ghost of Christmas Future Confronts Scrooge
istock_Dave Rheaume Artist

Richard Sergeant concludes his Dickensian tale with a visit from the third accounting spirit who shows scenes of robots and AI. Will accountants pledge to change their tech ways?

As the fog clears, the ghost of accounting Christmas yet to come takes us on a journey into the unknown.

“I fear you more than any spectre I have seen – more than Making Tax Digital or blockchain. But as I know your purpose is to do me good, and as I hope to live to be another man from what I was, I am prepared to bear you company, and do it with a thankful heart.”

But what will the accounting apparition be showing us?

Is it a scene of a bleak robot winter, where it is not just accounting firms that are shut (and indeed not just for Christmas)?

Or will we peer through the frosted windows to a more homely domestic scene, cosying up to the fire with our favourite AI assistant, and working tirelessly to speak of only the most important things impacting a client's business?

What is for sure is that the world looks familiar but somehow different.

On the Christmas table sits a large fat vegan alternative turkey, cooked to perfection. It’s a happy scene of bustling activity, as the business family prepare dinner safe in the knowledge that their year-end accounts will be sorted as soon as the final cracker is pulled.

But if the robots hold no fear for business owners of the future then, but what about the profession?

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