There's more to Visio than organisational charts - Part 2

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Having tackled organisational charts with Microsoft Visio last week, Trevor Eddolls explains more about the program's other features.

There's far more to Microsoft Office Visio than just drawing organisational charts. There are plenty of tools and techniques built in to Visio to make it a highly useful drawing program for people who have absolutely no drawing talent. And, of course, it is also very useful for people who can draw as well.

The real secret of Visio's success is that it makes use of stencils. Whatever shape you need - a box for that organisational chart, a desk in your new of...

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By Anonymous
12th Feb 2009 10:05

Dynamic charts ...
Good articles but perhaps one needs to take matters further with a final article showing the real power of Visio when used as a smart client being driven by databases or web services

Demonstrating such things as organisation charts (with drill down) generated on the fly

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