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Top ten office Christmas party anthems

17th Dec 2010
Deputy Editor Sift Media
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This week, like many other businesses, the staff here at AccountingWEB towers will be enjoying their office Christmas party. Like most others, it’s likely to involve some dodgy ‘dad dancing’ by the boss, some tipsy toppling and a few erroneous attempts at the robot.

Don’t worry if you throw worse shapes than a balloon modeller with a dodgy wrist – just check out our list of top tunes and get your party started.

1.    Merry Christmas Everybody – Slade
“It’s Christmaaaaaas!” - Damn right it is and revellers of every age can partake in this festive campfest. So much the better if you have fake snow to kick around whilst doing your 70s power shoulder move.

2.    Last Christmas – Wham!

This is always a risky one to play because it can encourage the ‘friendlier’ members of staff to get closer to their favourite colleagues in a less than professional way. Deflect their advances by cracking out an 80s swishy side-step,
as demonstrated by George Michael.

8.    Jump – Pointer Sisters (or Girls Aloud, depending on your age)
There usually comes a time in the evening when the ties are loosened and handbags hit the floor. This would be it. Those who are serious about their mission to party are likely to dance with particular enthusiasm here, and possibly rope in others to join them. Be warned.

9.    Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child
You may not be ready for this jelly, but it’s coming atcha’ anyway. There will be one person who thinks she is Beyonce hogging the floor, and a few enthusiastic backing dancers enjoying the view. If that person is you, just remember to de-tag all the photos on Facebook the next day.

10.    White Christmas – Bing Crosby
It’s last orders and time to clear out the bar. The gin drinkers are blubbing into their festive hats, someone is telling someone else they ‘like, really really love’ them and there’s inevitably a chap fast asleep in the corner. Time to get out a bit of Bing and hail a taxi. Merry Christmas!

So there you have it, our definitive list (for now anyway) of festive fancies for your dancefloor.

Have we missed any? Add your own tunes below – and don’t forget to tell us why you’ve chosen them (amusing Christmas party mishap anecdotes optional).



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By Carol McLachlan
17th Dec 2010 09:59

Fairytale of New York

"Fairytale of New York" - The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl (1988)... It's got an anarchic feel which quite suits me at xmas - breaking out from the pack - and doing something different!

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By Steven Collings
17th Dec 2010 10:33


Tony Christie - Amarillo!


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Steve pipe
By Steve Pipe
17th Dec 2010 10:39

Hi ho silver lining

“Hi ho silver lining” – because it takes me back to my long haired youth!

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By carnmores
17th Dec 2010 10:53

does age appropriateness apply to music

perhaps not in the same that it does to clothes

Hi Ho silver lining - wasnt that Jeff Beck originally

er not quite

anyway i liked Wizard, Mud & Greg lake's xmas songs

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By roblpm
17th Dec 2010 11:20

For the older among us

Noticed you have:

Jump – Pointer Sisters (or Girls Aloud, depending on your age)

Well in the same way you should have:

Relight my fire - Dan Hartman (or Take That, depending on your age)!!

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By Gina Dyer
17th Dec 2010 11:37

Right you are!

Although I thought the Take That video would be nicer to look at than the original! ;-)

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By carnmores
17th Dec 2010 14:48

Take That are everywhere

Robbie going by fast car from the Strictly studios to X factor studios and back again and all the boys on both shows 2 days running and on the Royal Variety last night - blanket coverage indeed.

there was an xfactor joke in the FT no less re chinese currency and the ongoing row with the US the by line was YUAN DIRECTION -  bloody brilliant.

i remember relight my fire being a huge hit in the Embassy club in London in the late 70s early 80s - instant replay!

also on my one and only trip to san Francisco  I saw the Pointer Sister live on [***] Hill and Jump was is such a great song




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By Gina Dyer
20th Dec 2010 10:36

I love Take That!

I'm loving the blanket coverage of Take That on the telly at the moment. I think it's safe to say that I am their biggest fan! They can wrap me up in that Take That blanket and I'd be very happy indeed! :-)

(Btw, I love that Yuan Direction joke! It's not often the FT gets down with the kids!)


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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
20th Dec 2010 11:39

At the editor's house...

My partner has a stack of Christmas singles that she puts on the record player when decorating the tree:

Greg Lake, I Believe in Father ChristmasJohn Lennon, So This Is Christmas (War Is Over)Paul McCartney (Wonderful Christmastime)

Me? My favourite is John Fahey's Christmas album, but I'm an old finger-picking guitar fan. And like the others on this list, it certainly isn't one for the party anthem stakes. Much more suited to Christmas morning, particularly if you're in a seasonal, but slightly delicate mood from celebrations the night before.

Meanwhile, for carnmore's benefit, here's a version of the Greg Lake song: 

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By GaryMc
23rd Dec 2010 08:35

Best Xmas No 1 ever

Cheers for the vid John - great tune.

Caught the video for God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen from Annie Lennox new album 'A Christmas Cornucopia' - could be going on my 'to download' list

And you can't beat a bit of Nat King Cole at Christmas

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By carnmores
23rd Dec 2010 08:56

youre not so bad after all JS

merry christmas


time is a great healer!

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