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Business travel doesn't have to be an ordeal anymore, with hundreds of apps available to smooth your trip. We asked our members for the apps they use while out and about, for everything from train travel, to finding suitable locations for client meetings.

Our travel app search also brought in some useful ideas from our sister communities HRZone and BusinessZone, which were compiled into this top five list based on online community suggestions.

1. AroundMe (suggested by Bananaman

John Stokdyk took this free app for a test drive in his hometown of Brighton. Here's what he found. 

AroundMe is an enhanced Google map-based app that does what the name suggests very effectively. The idea is simple and well executed: with your current location switched on, the program will offer up results for pubs, restaurants, hotels, and any other attraction you search for, sorted by proximity.

Clicking on a link takes you to a map view showing how to find...

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01st May 2014 11:54

Some more

Thanks for this. Think I used to have aroundme but haven't been using it. Same for Citymapper which you have prompted me to update on my phone. Seems to have changed a lot since I last explored it.

Other travel related apps I have my phone and which I have used include:

Toilet Finder - No giggling at the back there!

Thetrainline - I use it to plan all my trips around the UK

London focused

Tube exits - which carriage to choose

Live Bus Times - how long 'til the next three turn up together ;-)

Tube map live - showing where the trains are in real time

Journey pro - best routes and timings to plan your tube trips

I also have tfl's journey planner page saved to the travel folder on my iphone's home screeen





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01st May 2014 12:11

Great suggestions

Thanks Mark - some really good additions to the list there.  

I would never have even thought of Toilet Finder app, but that's actually a very practical one! 

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01st May 2014 12:38



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01st May 2014 13:07

Mark's favourite app

I make no assumptions about Mark's first choice of essential app, but it reminds me of Denis Norden's quip that you know you're getting old when your children ask you if you've 'been' before you leave!

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01st May 2014 18:09

Map my Walk


I like using Map my walk from the train Station to my clients, no matter where I am in the country.  Its is a free Gym and it keeps track of all the miles you have walked and the calories you have burnt off even if it is a short walk.  It is very motivating and amazing to see how much you can clock up even with 5 mins walks .  It encourages you to stay away from the car and you do feel better and more productive. 

After all  in our profession we do way to much sitting down. 



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By chatman
23rd Dec 2014 17:12

Isn't Uber more of a taxi app than a ride-sharing app?

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