USB gadgets you just can’t live without

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The humble USB ports on your PC or laptop are the doors to an infinite variety of gadgets and delights, if only you know where to look. We sent Nigel Harris to boldly go and see what he could find.

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My first stop was the essential USB Now website, where you can buy a USB fridge to keep a Coke can cool and a mini hotplate to keep your coffee warm. The latter comes in two versions, one combined with a USB hub so you can plug even MORE gadgets into your PC. Remember that wonderful desk-mounted pencil sharpener you used to have at school? You could reduce a new pencil to a tiny stub with in a few seconds by frantically turning the handle. Now you can achieve the same, without all the effort, with a USB Nows USB-powered pencil sharpener (enhanced with three LEDs tha...

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09th Apr 2008 14:12

USB Chameleon
Whilst surfing recently I came across this. No-one should be without one!

Just found some more:

What about a bouncer to keep the staff away

... or a plasma ball

... a Dr Who USB hub

...or (my favourite) a USB hamster wheel

Have fun


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By squay
03rd Apr 2008 15:12

USB Gadgets
How about USB digital microscope no forensic accountant should be without.

Keep this USB rocket launcher handy in case you wish to nuke, I mean, sack a client. Also useful for removing unhelpful tax investigators.

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02nd Apr 2008 11:19

Great combination!
Melting chocolate and computer keyboards - just the thing to really wind up the IT support department!

I also found myself toying with the idea of buying the WiFi T-shirt, but was put off by the complicated washing instructions.

Thanks for bringing such an indispensible site as ThinkGeek to our attention, David. Yet another essential resource for the IT Zone research team.

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

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By David2e
01st Apr 2008 16:02

Reminds me
Thought for a sec this was going to be completely serious... then it reminded me of a T-Shirt I saw last week. The ThinkGeek Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt.

Although not USB, might that be useful for finding a good spot to sit in a wireless cafe?

Can hopefully balance my comment, and make it more relevant to these USB necessities with the USB Fondue Set

Could be a full-time job there trying to mention everything out there. Not sure where they come up with them... but that's technology, becoming a need more than a want! ;-)

David Toohey
The Accountants Circle
Excel Accounting Tools | Wholesale Support Services

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01st Apr 2008 14:25

You could have fooled me...
This item started life over lunch as a potential April Fool's item when Nigel and I swapped ideas for the dumbest possible USB gadget. But try as we might, ingenious manufacturers had already come up with genuine products that were more outlandish than any we could conceive (the programmable, ahem, USB personal massage device, anyone?).

The author has so far declined to identify any bogus products in his list, but I think it's a double bluff. - as far as I can tell, they're all real. Sorry to disappoint the pranksters, but it just goes to show that sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

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