Vodafone drops Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X2 from UK line up

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Jon Wilcox
Technology Correspondent
Sift Media
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Mobile network operator Vodafone has confirmed it has dropped plans to release the Xperia X2 smartphone from Sony Ericsson in the UK.  According to reports, the decision to scrap the phone from the UK line up was made because the model no longer fitted with Vodafone’s planned 2010 portfolio for the territory.

The Windows Mobile 6.5-powered X2 remains on track to launch in other countries.

Sony Ericsson’s next smartphone is the Android-based X10, which is scheduled to arrive in the UK during the first quarter.

Vodafone was this week confirmed as the UK provider for Google’s debut smartphone, Nexus One, though the deal is understood to not be exclusive to the provider.

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By Anonymous
08th Jan 2010 08:35

Vodaphone secret agenda ..... with iPhone ?

What is Vodaphone doing dumping sucessful products?


Now what is the common denominator between these two - could it be Windows mobile 6.5?

We also hear that Vodaphone is due to take on Apple's iPhone (not windows) so is there a hidden agenda?

Just a thought - is it a condition of Vodaphone taking the iPhone (with Apples predatory approach) that is locking out better Windows products?

We are lead to believe that demand for the existing HD2 is strong and with this in mind - why would any supplier drop a product in favour of an INFERIOR one (iPhone) unless there was some pressure from the supplier?

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