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Vote now for the Community Awards 2014

10th Dec 2014
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Each year in December, we recognise AccountingWEB's members with the Community Awards.

Sponsored by Clear Books, these awards give some kudos - and a prize - to those who make AccountingWEB one of the best online communities to be part of for accountants.

This year, there are eight categories, four which members nominate and vote for their peers in.

Polls are now open for these categories, which can be accessed below:  

The four others, which the AccountingWEB editorial team select and decide on are as follows: 

  • Quotes of the Year 
  • Most thanked member of the Year
  • Personality of the Year
  • Thread of the Year

​We would like to thank all of our members for their participation in the site this year. Whether you're nominated or not, you're an incredibly valued part of what we do.

Winners will be announced on the 19th December and will be contacted directly about their prize. 


Replies (3)

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By stepurhan
17th Dec 2014 09:13

Missing votes

Yesterday a number of people had several more votes than they are now showing to have. Has there been a glitch in the system? If not, what has caused a load of votes to disappear?

I will admit to a personal interest in this. Much to my surprise I was ahead (marginally) up to yesterday in the members' member poll. I now have about half the votes I had then. (I believe Locutus was doing significantly better in the Tech Champion award as well and my choice for Technical Whiz had more votes as well I believe)

I'm not going to deny that winning the award would be nice, but andypartridge and Portia (the new front-runners) are both worthy candidates and I would not begrudge losing to them legitimately. However, the niggling suspicion that I only lost because of a computer glitch would very much sour the awards for me.

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By Rachael White
18th Dec 2014 10:40


I have checked this out and it seems that Playbuzz does register your vote. However it doesn't recognise you when you sign in from another device. It has registered your first vote. I hope this makes sense?

The percentages will fluctuate as more people vote. 

I can't seem to find an issue with any of the polls - we don't control them at all, they're run by an external site.

If you've got any more questions please send them to [email protected] and we'll try out best to look at them.



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By stepurhan
18th Dec 2014 16:55

Thanks for reply

Thanks for the reply. My problem is not related to my vote registering, but to the total vote count (as a number, not a percentage). I will send an e-mail to the editor address as suggested.

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