The A Word : Why aren’t accountants doing more advisory and what to do about it

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The A Word : Why aren’t accountants doing more advisory and what to do about it
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About this session

Although many practitioners offer advice, not all are comfortable offering advisory as a service despite advisory services having a reputation as being far more profitable and beneficial to clients. The coronavirus however has forced accountants to flex their advisory muscles as they help clients through the uncertainty and claiming process for government support measures. Now that accountants are turning closer relationships into new services, many ponder “why aren’t we doing more of this?”.

In this episode, Paul Layte examines the reluctant relationship some accountants have had with advisory and shares some handy tips on how accountants can fully embed these services into their offering.

Those taking part will be able to:

  • Understand how to adopt the mindset of an advisory accountant
  • Discover what’s holding them and their practice back from embracing this service concept fully
  • How to practically integrate advisory services within their firm


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