The Cashflow Forecast: How to help businesses source funding and survive

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The Cashflow Forecast: How to help businesses source funding and survive
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About this session

In this session, Nick Levine and a panel of experts explore how accountants have used cashflow forecasting to help clients secure government loan schemes, such as CBILS and the business bounce back scheme.

Nick will be joined by Stuart Hurst (Accounts and Legal Limited) Nigel Harris (Harris & Company) and Della Hudson FCA (Minerva Accountants) to weigh up how successful these sources of funding have been and consider other ways businesses can source funding:
 • What are the government schemes available? 
 • How successful have accountants been in securing funds?
 • What scheme proved most difficult? We'll hear the challenges firms have faced
 • We hear from accountants on the frontline and find out their tips for successful applications
 • What information do banks need?

Register now for this topical debate, with live audience Q&A with the panel.

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About The Cashflow Forecast:
Cashflow forecasting has gone from an interesting innovation to the single most important thing you can do to help you and your clients plan for an uncertain future. Rapidly improving technologies and new pricing models means this first step into advising clients on cash management can be easier and more affordable than you think.

Every episode, Nick Levine and a panel of experts show you how to get to grips with this crucial skillset for your clients – and you.

Nick Levine is a chartered accountant and journalist, with a particular interest in fintech and entrepreneurship. He was formerly the Advisory Lead at Deloitte’s Propel, and the Head of Enterprise for ICAEW. His writing portfolio includes The Times and Wired.


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