Sunday, June 21, 2020 - 10:00 - 11:00

The Practice Mechanic | Interview with Dave Sellick

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About this session

Every episode, Mark Telford sits down with an accountant in practice and look under the bonnet of their accountancy practice.

In this episode, Mark talks to Sidgrove's Dave Sellick. Sidgrove is an accounting practice & consultancy exclusively for founder-owned businesses & scaling start-ups. Sidgrove is a project with passion, compassion and ‘doing the right thing’ at its heart. Dave's belief is that every start-up founder should and can have access to affordable, high integrity, real-time financial insight and support from Day One. He believes in-house innovation combined with software, hardware and related workflows have been, and continue to be, the major enabler for achieving this vision.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Mark and Dave will talk about
Dave's career journey from DJ to Head of Finance, the lessons he's learnt, the support the startup space needs and a future where businesses must engage with a new, more efficient and creative way of resourcing and building out finance insight.

All of the accountants interviewed over the next coming episodes have different approaches, skills and visions for the future. Mark will explore this as a way of encouraging others to ‘do their own thing’ and not follow the stereotypical approach of an accountant in practice.

The Practice Mechanic interviews are designed to encourage people who:

 • would otherwise have dismissed accountancy as a career completely
 • are accountants in industry who had not considered a career in practice
 • are working in practice but struggling with the lack of career development
 • are already running their own practice but struggling or in need of support
 • anyone who wants to hear what its really like to run their own accountancy practice

Limit: 500 places


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