Saturday, June 6, 2020 - 20:00 - 21:00

The Problem With… Unqualified Accountants

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The Problem With… Unqualified Accountants

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About this session

Richard Sergeant takes another look at some of the intractable and sometimes long standing issues facing the accounting profession to see if they really are such a problem after all. 

For the first episode, Richard looks at 'The Problem With… Unqualified accountants”. Few topics generate such consistent and sometimes circular debate on the merits or otherwise of qualification, and calling yourself ‘an accountant’. 

What can on the surface seem like a simple debate between professionalism and rigour on one side, and a wild west of unsupervised standards on the other is nowhere near as clear  cut when you delve into the details. 

Up for discussion this week will be:

 • The ‘level playing field’ debate
 • Unqualified or self regulated?
 • Is qualification and regulation any guarantee of quality?
 • Will technology and MTD open up the market further?
 • Accountant as a protected term - is it actually impossible?

Part documentary, part commentary, and undoubtedly a lot of opinion - this is a chance to step away from the day job, and take a look at the profession from another angle.

Limit: 500 places


About The Problem With… 

Principle Point's Richard Sergeant explores a different theme which often polarises views within the accounting profession. Part documentary, part commentary, part punch up, The Problem With Richard Sergeant avoids the well trodden ground to see if these are actually problems, or whether they should just get over themselves.

With a panel of guests on hand to look at the history and different sides of the debate, live discussion with interactive Q&A will discuss the significance for the profession, what it tells about us now… and for the future.

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