The Problem With...Making Partner

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The Problem With...Making Partner
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About this session

For the third episode, Richard looks at 'The Problem With… making partner (and why would you bother?)”.

Succession is a key issue for many firms. The expectations of the current firm owners can seem disconnected from the aims and ambitions of the new generation of potential partners. What was once seen as a prime opportunity, and indeed an aspiration for many is now seemingly a far less attractive proposition. This leaves older partners with the conundrum of how they will exit their practice in the future.

Up for discussion, this week will be: 

  • Is ‘making partner’ a career ambition anymore?
  • The expectation gap between firm owners and their staff
  • The cost of partnership vs the affordability of starting from scratch
  • Making the case for partnership: is the shoe on the other foot now?
  • Issue of identifying successors - what are the alternatives

Part documentary, part commentary, and undoubtedly a lot of opinion - this is a chance to step away from the day job, and take a look at the profession from another angle.


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