The R&D Community

With a comprehensive training academy and one-of-a-kind support services, The R&D Community is an essential resource for all accountancy firms handling R&D claims.

We provide all the resources, support and guidance you need to prepare R&D claims to the highest standard. We’re here to provide specialist back-up and training whenever you need it - and we never take claims away from you.

You’ll find it most helpful if you are:

  • Already preparing R&D claims for clients,
  • Keen to take more R&D work in-house, or
  • Looking for help in systematically assessing your clients for eligibility.

The R&D Community's online R&D training platform, Claim Support and R&D Helpline give you big wins:

  • Higher confidence in advising clients (including when to say No)
  • More revenue by switching to an in-house model
  • Maximises the value of your existing portfolio
  • Lower risk with HMRC and happier clients.

Plus, you’ll be joining a community of people with similar values, who want to see higher standards across the R&D industry.