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The Tectura competition - Win a holiday worth £400!

4th Jul 2005
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"A shorter working week, yes please! Work-life balance has become a key issue in recent years; around half of us would like a shorter working week, even if it means less pay."
- The survey of 4,000 business owners (over 200 of which were AccountingWEB members) was carried out by HSBC in partnership with the independent research consultancy The Future Foundation

When Tectura implemented Microsoft Navision for Kompan they reduced the work of its Finance Department by one man-week per month. Imagine if you had an extra week each month, or at least one week a month where you didn't have to work.

Technology and social reform are leading to more leisure time, and the range of activities available is increasing dramatically! What would you do with the time? Would you spend more time with your clients?! Go Zorbing? Maybe go on holiday?

We want to hear from you the AccountingWEB audience. The member that posts the most ingenious response will win a £400 voucher.

If you want to reap the same benefits as Kompan click here to read their case study or visit the Tectura website at

Please note your comments and contact details will be passed to Tectura as entry to this competition.

The voucher can be used for anything on its site up to the value of £400


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Replies (19)

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By wfullbrook
22nd Sep 2005 14:50

Spare time?
I'd spend the time studying Segal's Law.

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By albogolf
23rd Sep 2005 11:42

Twelve weeks extra holiday a year, still on the same pay!
Takes me back to childhood days, when I could play and play and play.

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By AnonymousUser
05th Aug 2005 12:04

If I had an extra week per month........
...... I would use it to attempt to train my 5 month old puppy.

It would be bliss not to be woken up at night by the sound of him whining & scrabbling around, purely because he wants attention. I could also use the time to investigate how on earth he can open a door that opens into the room in which he is sleeping! That way I could avoid a repeat of him making a break for the stairs, and dive-bombing my bed in the middle of the night!

The additional sleep which I would gain is much needed, especially as I am currently spending a fortune on energy drinks to get me through the day!

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By 2143331
04th Aug 2005 12:42

The art of deception
(a) Tell the boss I have an important seminar to attend.
(b) Tell the wife I have an important business trip.
(c) Go fishing.

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By Anonymous
05th Aug 2005 08:33

extra time
I would use the extra time to get up to date reading all the email newsletters!

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By Mark.Norden
19th Jul 2005 13:31

Thats an easy one !!!
If I had one free week per month, I would only work six weeks a month rather than the normal seven weeks !!!

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By elainetrippett.blueyonder
20th Jul 2005 08:54

Extra time
One man week per month. How many woman weeks does that translate into !!!!! Ha Ha Ha

(Waiting for the men to bite back now)

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By Anonymous
16th Jul 2005 23:22

Time and quest for light.....
More time for prayer and time for reflection.
Quoting Prophet Muhammad (on whom be peace):
The Hour will not take place before time shrinks. One year will be like a month, one month will be like a week, a week will be like a day, and a day will be like an hour; and an hour will be like a burning flame".

The week speeds by - I would to love to travel even an inch towards the station of reality and love by opting out of the fast track even for a day.

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By j.topping
29th Jul 2005 13:59

Absolutely nothing!
Having secured this mythical free week I would refuse to enter into anything that could be construed as organised. The week would be totally unplanned and unorganised to do absolutely nothing. The problem would be to see if this could actually happen.

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By Helen Crowley
15th Jul 2005 12:59

Not enough time to write my complete list!
Rather than spend more time at home I think I'd like to get out and go to all of the places that can be enjoyed much more because everyone else is at work!
e.g. tourist attractions, shopping centres, the cinema, the beach and I might even be tempted to visit the gym more!
Plus would have more time to enter competitions and to come up with answers that might stand a chance of winning!
I would of course make more time for my friends and family by E-mailing or texting them to let them know what a great time I was having!

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By MSwiecichowski
15th Jul 2005 13:47

Yee Haa!
Start my own Weblog called 'The Tax Cowboy'! It starts like this "Howdy y'all. HMRC got your dander up?"

I haven't had time to get much further though....

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29th Jul 2005 13:26

The extra week per month totals (12 x 5 =) 60 days per year.
Therefore if I was allowed I would increase the effect of this additional non working time by taking Friday and Monday as holiday every other weekend.The additional unused days would be added to extend these weekend when needed.

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By rc.falconer
15th Jul 2005 14:47

Use the time to volunteer
There are dozens of organisations that could use help. For people who have skills in running businesses try The Princes Youth Trust. For work with younger people the Scouts and Guides are desperate for leaders and helpers. A few hours a week can make a lot of difference.

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By AnonymousUser
29th Jul 2005 11:40

Five Extra days...
Monday, I'd contact all the friends that I am going to get in touch with 'One Day'

Tuesday, Decorate the bedroom that I am going to sort out 'One Day'

Wednesday, Visit the local places that I never go to, as I can always visit them 'One Day', but never do, instead going far away

Thursday, Do something good in the community that I am always going to do 'One Day'

Friday, I'll have a lie in. I'll be shattered after the first four! I always promise Myself I'll have it 'one day' but of all the above, this seems like the most unlikely prospect!

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By Dillon143
15th Jul 2005 15:05

So much to do, so little time....
A week a month would be just great.......

A day for clearing up the mess
from 3 small children (stop weekend stress)!
A day to help my man find work -
An IT job or maybe a clerk.
A day for hobbies sadly ignored..
Photography, gardening, crafts and more.
A day for FUN with family & friends
And a day to sleep - I'm WRECKED. THE END!!!!

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By AnonymousUser
29th Jul 2005 14:25

Tectura Competition - how I would spend the time
I would spend the extra time doing all the things I never seem to have time for:

1. Spring-cleaning all the cupboards and shelves, the contents and dust from which attack anyone foolhardy enough to try to take something from them. This might save me even more time, namely the time I now spend trying to shoehorn everything back after it's fallen on the floor.

2. Taking a series of computer courses so I know what to do when my computer crashes or the software and hardware don't load or work properly. That way I won't waste the time I'm saving getting frustrated trying to fix my computer. Once mastered these skills should enable me to save more time and energy to use for other things.

3. Spending the time I've always intended to, using the skills I have to help voluntary organisations to improve the lives of others, improving my own life in the process by broadening my horizons and giving me a better understanding of the world in which we live and the problems others may face.

4. Taking time out to stand and stare, to enjoy the moment, not racing from one thing to the other, with the next project in the back on one's mind. Spending time with my family and not multi-tasking all the time.

Finally and most importantly for me, to travel to all the places I want to see before I die - the Angel Falls, trekking the Inca trail to Matchu Pitchu, seeing the wildlife in Costa Rica, flying through the Grand Canyon, visiting Fjordland in New Zealand, visiting the Terracotta Army and Great Wall of China, white water rafting down the Zambezi and being part of Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro to name but a few.

Perhaps the prize will help me on my way....

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By Richiejjj
15th Jul 2005 11:51

When does the competition close?
When is the closing date of the competition?

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By juliecooke
14th Jul 2005 08:33

Tectura competition - 'more time or life'
a week a month or a day a week - I know what I'd do :

Spend that weekday time catching up at home, do some more study (psycology A level) and then have weekends free for my family.

As a full-time working wife and mother to 4 (3 teenagers) I never seem to have the time to spend with my family. My ideal has always been a four day week - the best of both worlds as a mother!

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By Pammuldutch
02nd Aug 2005 11:13

Invest the extra time to gain more time
I would use it to go on time management courses, speed reading courses, project planning courses. Hopefully, that investment will increase the spare week to a further fortnight!

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